Muay Thai boxing tickets on Koh Samui

Muay Thai boxing is a graceful and hard martial art. It can get rough sometimes and it is taken very seriously by the Thai people. A Thai boxer can use his fists for a knockout or K.O., as well as his legs. Kicks can be made towards the head, body or upper legs. The so called low kicks are very effective and painful. Using this technique constantly makes the Thai boxer unable to stand on his legs. Sometimes they even have to quit the match.

Thai boxing is different compared to ‘regular boxing’ because of its clinches. When boxers hug eachother they are seperated, but in Muay Thai boxing they are allowed to hit the opponent with their knee or elbow. You can even throw your opponent on the floor.

When to go?

Thai boxing fights on Koh Samui are held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The fights start at 21:00 in the evening and usually last for 3 hours. The main fight with the best Thai boxers is at the end of the evening. During a typical Thai boxing night you will be able to see eight to ten rounds.

You will see both foreign and Thai fighters, and the atmosphere in the arena is great. Live commentary and Thai music accompany the fighters every night. All fights are equally exciting! Chaweng stadium on Koh Samui is the newest and most centrally located. You can find it on the Chaweng beach road.

Book this tour for an action packed evening. You cannot miss this when you are in Thailand!

Muay Thai boxing prices

Regular Seat

THB 1,495

Ringside Seat

THB 1,995

VIP Seat

THB 2,495

  • 3 hours
  • No booking or credit card fees
  • Instant booking

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From: ฿1,495

Tour includes

What is included in the price for this tour?

  • Amazing atmosphere at Petch Buncha
  • 8-10 rounds of fights
  • Action packed evening with regular knockouts
  • Muay Thai boxing at its best

What to bring

What should you take with you if you go on this trip?

  • Camera
  • A good mood, life is great!
  • No specific clothing required


What should you know if you go on this tour?

Please note that hotel pickups are not included in the price but can be booked at a fee, depending on your group size. Please contact us to arrange that for your group.

Original Muay Thai boxing

The Thai boxing stadium of Petch Buncha in Chaweng is the only stadium that offers the original Thai boxing or ‘Muay Thai’. The fighters come from both Koh Samui and other places in Thailand. We regularly get international stars to fight a round here as well! All fighters receive a harsh training and are exceptionally fit. Come and see them compete in the ring against eachother!

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Muay Thai boxing tickets
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by Susip87 on Muay Thai boxing tickets

we got free tickets from Jason because we bought 4 other tours with them. Good fihts for sure and we had a good evening. Thank you Jason! One star less for no pickup :)

by Ferdinand Leo on Muay Thai boxing tickets
good matches

Ive been to other stadiums in Thailand (touristic areas) and they always felt somewhat like a show. Bangkok has the best fights to offer, but I think Samui is a good runner up. We saw 9 fights with a group in a big stadium. Recommended if you're going to Thailand!

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